The honeymoon is over. It is now time for you and me to grade our President’s work as the leader of the “free” world.

I will post more thoughts after I get some comments.

C’mon people, let’s do this. We have the power. In France the people protest in the streets all the time. They have a national health service. They are not fighting any wars and building billion dollar aircraft carriers. Their government fears and thusly, respects the people’s strength.

We haven’t allowed Japan to have a standing army since 1945. As a result, we have to protect them!!! Are they the 51st state and no one told me? Man, it’s time to come together here don’cha think? I do…

You can say whatever you wish. Be honest. Be funny. Be brutal. Be a fan. I don’t care. Just write me. Please don’t email these comments. Use the comment section. It’s easy. This way, everyone can get together in a forum type debate. Here’s how I learned to do it:

Under every article, music or video post is the title of the post and the date of the post. Click on (0) comments (can be any number)

This takes you to the “comment” page. You will see a box on the top right. Write your comment in the box. You will scroll down and see “NAME URL”. You enter your email address here AND WEBSITE HERE, Or just click on “ANONYMOUS”

Do you like what you wrote? Good. If not click on “EDIT” and fix it. Then just click on “PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT” and you are done.


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