MGT: Had a real cool time in Jim Randolph’s Studio in Flatrock on Saturday. Jim is the playwright of “One Kiss, One Bite” a most well scripted and musically adept rock opera currently in the production stage. I have much fun working with Jim and his Super Tech friend Ron Taylor …….

Retro:K: I have been trying to capture some new video footage of MGT live for months! Finally got a quick opportunity last weekend and got to play with my new toys as well. Also have been dying to meet Jim Randolph and see his studio (more toys). Jimmy, myself and Ron were like three kids at Christmas filming the drumming legend himself! What a once in a lifetime chance for all of us. LUCKY YEAH!

Ron Taylor showed me lots of sweet tricks that my new cams could do. So be kind as I am a newbie film maker/you tube addict. We are building a stash of MGT photos and footage for all you MGT fans who are writing in asking for unique and unseen Machinegun items.

MGT: Retro:Kimmer came and filmed a couple video vignettes for our blogs. Kimmer & Ron Taylor are two sides of the cyber tech coin and together they did well with the equipment and setting we had. Jim set up the lighting,backdrops and jammed with me on one ditty. This type of work is more fun than it is demanding and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Retro:K: My new RCA Traveler mini cam shot the little videos and my new Fujifilm camera took some fabulous stills of Machinegun! I love these shots. Especially the one below. It is really hard shooting MGT with the massive blur and action. The man can really move.... Read my MGT story HERE
All of this day was totally unscripted and off the cuff so to speak. We are all going where we have never gone before and living the dream as Tony D would say...

Retro:K: I didn't think about how little my camera's cost or how low grade our audio was during this shoot. All I thought about was how lucky I was to be the one shooting it and how many really great photographers would have given their "eye" teeth to take my place! It was terrifying to think that I may not have gotten any usable footage but I did... I got 2 really fun clips of the Magical drummer himself.

Retro:K: Jimmy was so sweet and helped so much. We were all working really hard in the studio to make it the best we could for the moment. I will never forget that day and it will be on the top of the list of the best times of my life.

Video 1 : Is a little practice video of the real drum tutorial we are planning for next year with the real camera guys on set. It was very interesting to learn about 4/4 and fills... And always thrilling to see Dennis play live.

Video 2 : Is the "ditty" that MGT did with Jimmy. I loved that and it was so much better to hear it live. Jim it was fine! Well we all did what came naturally that Saturday in Flatrock.

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