Retro kimmer (me) met Knut from the Fuzz radio show in Bergen Norway last month. We discussed Knut interviewing Dennis for his show. Dennis was terribly busy that week so I told Knut maybe we could arrange something another time.

Knut decided he wanted to interview ME! Too funny! Ok what the heck! So I talked with Knut about my teen age life and opinions on the MC5, The Stooges, growing up as an Army brat during the most radical times of the late 60's. You can hear a clips of my interview on my page

I loved talking to Knut so much that Dennis decided to talk with him too and I am so glad he did. Dennis covers all the questions and topics the fans have been writing in and asking.

While I was working on MGT's computer, Dennis chatted by phone for a long time with Knut. They both had a a great time that day talking about music, punk, politics and more. Knut is so funny and very smart! Of course we already know how smart and funny the Machinegun is.... But in this case he shoots straight from the hip telling his true opinions on a lot of topics that are repeated incorrectly all over the web.

They made quite an interview that day. I heard Dennis telling Knut he had about 15 - 30 minutes and 90 minutes later they finished their interview! I heard a lot coming out of the other room while I was working on Den's scanner.... Now you can hear most of it too.

Fuzz is primarily a rock show. They dive heavily in popular culture as well. They have done specials about comics, comedy, documentaries (music).

First part of the interview with Dennis Thompson

Here is Dennis on Kick Out the Jams

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