In the mid to late sixties, the MC5 were the house band for the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. We used to headline, and open for other national acts as the Grande grew in popularity.

The 5 used to get there early to sound check, and whenever there was a band, any band, that wasn’t real up to high energy snuff (to our taste anyway) we used to sorta harass them from the dance floor. We used to shout, “kick out the jams!, or get off the stage!” This would be repeated by the guys in the band many times, to many bands.

Eventually the song, “ Kick Out The Jams, Motherfucker!” was born, and that tune still stands strong today. It has been covered by many bands, and I hope it will be covered again.


The Original

The Motor City 5:


Retro:Kimmer's favorite cover: 


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