Michael, you have affected me deeply and made hundreds of millions people feel good. Feel better about themselves, and about their individual outlook on their lives. You were not childish, you were childlike. Bless you Michael. We loved you. There will be so much opportunistic media hype and part of this particular paradigm caused you added loneliness. I know.

You were a God to so many people and carrying that 100,000 pound iconic status did indeed hurt you, more than help you. Michael, God bless your Angelic voice, your Avant-garde dancing moves, your futuristic musical visions, your productions, your love of people in general. You were all about love, and so many people on earth are so afraid of love, you helped to resonate with them, and give then some joy.

I know you were so lonely, who would not be? Most people don’t understand Massive Celebrity Status and the toll it takes on your health. Rest in peace, rest in peace, rest in peace… Yours in true respect and love MGT

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