February 12, 2015

“Live to the point of tears.”
Albert Camus

It is all relevant or irrelevant is it not? There are the daily ups and downs, the twists and turns, even an occasional upside down. Jubilation or despair? Alive or dead? 0 or 1…

Today I feel alive, jubilant, and infinitely far from 0 (or the null space.)
Because I am now idling at mach 2, life is moving very quickly and that’s okay with me! In fact, I love it!

We are all but a speck of conscious dust moving very, very, fast in a super-massive space. I love going fast, hell, the quicker the better. Want to know how fast?

I am driving the Autobahn south of Berlin (which used to be Communist territory during the cold war, but that’s another story) in my new Ferrari at 200 mph.

Earth is spinning like a twirling ballerina at 1,040 mph in one full day on a central axis.

In one year we circle the sun at 66,000 mph.

We now blast around the perimeter of our galaxy, The Milky Way, at 483,000 mph!

Finally, The Milky Way is moving through space towards the constellation of Vega at 1,300,000 mph! Damn…you “Gotta Keep Movin

You ask, what does all this mean, huh? I can’t feel all this velocity! It simply means whether you know it or not, you too are moving at incredible speed and just because you cannot feel it does not negate the fact that you really are.

So damn the torpedoes in your life and move straight on ahead. Obey the laws of attraction, do the work required to realize your dream and be most diligent about your continuing effort to be the person of joy you were intended to be. Okay? Right, then…. KOTJ-MF yes?

It means you have 5 seconds to realize your purpose on the planet, it takes 5 seconds of decision, it takes 5 seconds to realize whether you are gonna be the problem or you are gonna be the solution! “That’s right!” “Are you ready to testify?” “Are you ready!” I am…

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