Dennis and I had a meeting today for the Lincoln Park MC5 50th Anniversary Celebration coming up July 11-12, 2015. Story on that coming soon...But afterward we stopped for a coffee at our favorite coffee shop Tongue's Coffee in Wyandotte, MI. Parked out front was a very cool classic Clenet Roadster.

FYI...(Dennis cracked a bone in his right arm while he was on vacation, so you can see his temporary cast in the photos)

At first we thought it was an MG or Duesenberg but it was a Clenet. Also we thought the car had a female passenger waiting alone for the driver to return!

It was kind of spooky to discover the passenger was a mannequin....

I asked Dennis to pose with the car and the "lady" LOL! There was an elderly gentleman sitting outside the coffee shop watching us play with the camera and the car.  He spoke to Dennis as we passed by and told him that he was as CRAZY as ME.....we laughed..

While we were eating dinner at Nanna's I asked the waitress if she knew who owned the cool car and she told me that the elderly man sitting there was the owner! So we had to meet him. His name is Bob and he is 85 years young. He said he bought this Clenet 4 years ago and put 20k into fixing the body. It sure is a beauty! Dennis dressed in all black matched the Clenet perfectly!

Here is the Clenet owner Bob. I asked him why he had the mannequin but he just smiled and kind of winked at me... xRK

photos and story by Retrokimmer.Com

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Clenet for sale !!

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