Dennis Thompson

I have been working on a book. My book. I would really appreciate some feedback from you, my gracious readers. Would you rather I write my memoirs? Would you prefer I right the story of the MC5 ala roman-a-cleff style? That’s when you change the names to protect the innocent…

Would you rather I give you the whole story of my life, as it has been a rather hellaciously exciting and funny and interesting ride? Or would you rather I write just the musical years?

Scary to write it with the real characters as this has a tendency to attract stupid lawsuits. I’d have to use “to the best of my recollection” a hundred times and “not sure exactly”, you know what I’m getting at here. In the meanwhile I am writing a juicy post from the glory days to grace these pages in the near future. Please write in and help me please? Pretty please with honey on it? MGT

Take a look at this documentary from 2008

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