Time for a little MGT fun. We can be a world of whiners out there can’t we? So let’s whine a little and get it out of our systems. I’ll start it off. You readers can send in as many as five of your top pet peeves. Better jump on this because a lot of the most obvious will be named early on. The winner will be judged on originality. Judging ends on May 25, 2009 at 7pm.

We'll post the good ones as they come in.

The winner will receive a signed set of my Vic Firth drum sticks , a signed set of my drum gloves, and a t-shirt of the MC5 from my own personal collection. So have at it. I am really curious to see what’s buggin’ you all out there in this world. REALLY GREAT PRIZES!

Here are my top peeves for today:

1. Over used sayings like "Like" "know what I'm sayin" "You go girl"
2. People driving while talking on the cell phone.
3. People who write checks in express lanes
4. People who tailgate while driving
5. People who do not listen, but interrupt the conversation all the time.
6. Greedy, corrupt politicians on the take
7. Illiterate idiots who think they know everything
8. Drunks spitting in my face repeating themselves ad nauseam

Remember: Originality and humor count for a lots of points.

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