I think all of you need to know some truths about me. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I should be dead. At least ten times over. The very fact that I am alive was a mystery to me.

I have spent many hours contemplating why I am still alive in this beat up body. I have 18 medical maladies. So what? I keep on pushing through the pains of it all because I have figured out why I am still breathing. I am here with you now purely to be of service to my fellow man. And have some joy and serenity in the process. Some…
That is all of it in a nutshell. All of it.

Sound too altruistic to be the truth? Absolutely not! I haven’t even begun to tell you of the war stories and the ugly side of fame and stardom.

Should I? Will I? You want to read about it? Sure you do. Wouldn’t be prudent if you did not. Only if in the telling I can drive home a point to help all of you avoid the things I have done, and help you to realize your own potentials in life.

If I were to drop dead today, I would have zero regrets. My life has finally struck a balance. It only took 61 years to get here. My bags are packed. I am ready to hit the golden highway if the universe so decides. It won’t be my decision anyway.

I am smoking again, and my doctors all tell me I must quit immediately. I did quit for one and a half years, but picked up because I am still battling this ugly addiction. This is the last demon I must slay. I will slay it.

So please do what I say and not what I have done and continue to do. Damn, I sound like my Dad. Kimmer tells me to lighten it up and I will do that on the next post. But I gotta get this off my chest.

So, now that you know some of the weaker things about me, let me tell you that bus tour was a blessing and a curse.

While on that 3-4 month tour having a great time for me was getting on stage and playing that glorious MC5 music SOBER!

Meeting the people of all those historical and wonderful places was my lifeline. We did this through 2004—2008. No shows in 2009.

The remaining members of the band and I still harbor resentment and attitude towards each other. My God, how could we not? I say we overlooked those resentments and super trooped through the middle of it all. It is a love/not so loving kind of thing. A lot of relationships are this way. Especially we three…

I have been working extremely hard to forgive and forget. I sometimes stumble and say and do inappropriate things. I am stubborn. I am mean at times. I have kicked some ass in my day. But I am also a softie inside. I love people. All people…

The bus brings out the best and worst in all folk who ride it. It is a microcosm of life compressed into maybe 800 square feet on wheels. DKT/MC5 is dead. Wayne, Michael, and I killed it quietly.

You might as well hear it from me first. We had our run and all good things too shall pass. I loved that band. I still do. Would I play in it again though, now?
I seriously doubt it…I want to write my books, lecture, interview my peers, do a gig or two, throw a massive show in 2010 in Detroit, the likes of which have never been attempted.

I can and will do this even if it kills me. One last ride of the Golden Horde so to speak. If I survive this, maybe I will do it again. I do not foresee the future. I am an existential relativist with a Catholic upbringing. I know my limitations.

I only wish all people on earth could find their passion, their true calling, and I will leave this rock trying my very best to help them to that end, whenever and wherever I can. People are starving, losing jobs, homes, and dying. Nothing new really… But those of us more fortunate should help them shouldn’t we? Your government can’t do it.

You must do it… God Bless All of You,

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