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Last week I ran into the most awesome multi media entertainment website called Stay Thirsty. I noticed that they had this really good looking John Sinclair interview and a 3 part interview with Danny Fields the former producer/manager of the Doors, Cream and a zillion other connections to the 1960's retro decade of rock n roll.

So I thought to myself...well if they want to know the real MC5 story then why not speak to one of the actual members of the band? So... I fired off an email to Jarrod Dicker and suggested he interview MGT for the Stay Thirsty Page and MGT's blog. It is a gorgeous website, and I will be adding the images for the story with MGT picking the music and of course providing the content.

Jarrod does a really thorough job and he really does his homework on his subjects as well. He read every single post on MGT's blog and had tons of questions for me as well as Dennis. Jarrod and I emailed back and forth for a week before the interview. I know he was nervous as he is young and a big fan of Machinegun's.

The interview happened last weekend. Dennis spent over 90 minutes with Jarrod via telephone and they both were in for quite a ride! I heard the post mortem from both sides of their interactive experience and can't wait to read the end result.

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