The positively most coolest collection of hot rods, muscle cars, and dream creation cars, and motorcycles et al will be cruising up & down Fort Street from the edge of Detroit through Lincoln Park (where I grew up) and Southgate and Riverview today June 27th, and June 28th .

This is an annual event that grew from maybe a hundred cars years ago to literally around a thousand. These car owners drive in from all over the country to showcase their sweet, mean, and colorful wheels. These towns are taken over by the cars. What a sight. I wish it could be this way every friggin’ day man! Makes you glad to be alive. Bye, bye, boring Saturday and Sunday. The rumble is in the street, where it belongs.

These are without a doubt the MOST BAD ASS muscle cars Detroit City ever produced. They will be flaunting their muscle, colors, and ever so cool deep throated glass pack sounds today & tomorrow.


This event is the best fun one could ask for even if you are not in the least bit a gearhead. Does not matter. It is the party of parties. Thousands of people will be stretched along the corridor. Did I mention plenty of good lookin’ women? LOL

This is the America I love. Yahoo!!!!

There will be tens of rock bands playing up & down about a three mile stretch. Plenty of gorgeous women and men, and did I mention plenty of gorgeous women? Loads of sound and food, and laughter, awe, and merriment.

THIS is the Detroit City I know and love. If you can get there, get your ass in gear and come on down. It will be one of the coolest things you will ever see and do, I guarantee this!

That is why it is so damned sad what they are doing to Detroit. Screw cars made anywhere else. This is the real Motown, the birthplace of the automobile for God’s sake!

We want our Detroit back now!

Rumblin’ & Smokin’


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