Jean-François Letellier‎
Happy Birthday , my Friend !!! ;-)
You're really the only one standing up!!! ;-)
And to stay right!!! ;-)
To keep the state of mind of the beginning!!! B-) B-) B-)
Without any compromise!!! ;-)
Authentic!!! B-) B-) B-)

Giglio Thibault Di Cori
Happy birthday 70 YEARS today 😉 Dennis Mgt legend Drummer from THE MC5 <3 br="">

Fix Pilot Happy birthday! I really appreciated meeting you at the MC5 exhibit in Lincoln Park a couple years ago. You are a deep and gracious man.

Joshua Jaggers Brilliance. MC5 are an inspiration to me. Thompson you rule! MC5 always and forever.

Don Dissension Much respect, Machinegun...happy birthday once again!!

Luis Accorsi Dennis, you are the "Real Article"! All the best this year and always.

John Rooney A very happy 70th Birthday to Dennis Mgt Thompson!

Tom Sailor HBD MGT! Keep on Rockin!

Noemi Munguia Tinker Happy Belated Birthday, Dennis from Texas

Jerry Quinlan Happy Belated Birthday, Dennis !!!

Bill Nuttle Happy Birthday Dennis

Charles Lawrence Happy Birthday!

Simon De La Mer Yes man. The MC5 still stand at the top of the pile in my humble opinion. I don't see contemporary band kicking out ANY JAMS at all. Is no one angry anymore. Are we all so bored?

‎Murli Pareek‎ Wish you a very very happy birthday sir

Douglas Q. Phase Happy Birthday to the great Dennis Machinegun Thompson of the Mc5!

‎Butch Ford‎ Happy Birthday Dennis! Many, many more!! Blessings from the Middle Kingdom!!!

Eric Davidson Happy Birthday to one bad MF, MC5 drummer, Dennis Machinegun Thompson!

Peter Colpack Happy 70th Dennis Machinegun Thompson!!!!!!!! I'm sending my Love and {{{GoodVibes}}} from Bean Town

Evan Rock Richards Superb! Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays. Thank you for the fantastic music, much love & respect from Melbourne, Australia

Maureen Lynn Gaubatz Happy birthday 🎂

Marco Berard
Happy birthday Machinegun!!

Alison Manders A belated Happy Birthday, MGT. 😘

Debbie Compton Happy birthday!!!

Peter Magnusson
Happy B day Dennis Machinegun Thompson The best drummer!

Billy Kerns Rock royalty.

Joey Image · Happy birthday greetings D!

The Flower Children Of Tomorrow Happy 70th Birthday Dennis Machinegun Thompson!!!!!!!!!

‎Simon Carbonell‎  FELICIDADES DENNIS!!!

Rob Basso Happy 70th Birthday to Dennis Machinegun Thompson!!!!

Johnny Bee Badanjek Hanging with Dennis (Machine Gun) Thompson from The MC5 at The People's Arts Festival back in the day, at The Russell Industrial Center! Kick out art people! Hot damn! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS!!

Josh Strain Happy B-Day , Dennis Machinegun Thompson !! Still KICKIN' OUT THE JAMS , MOFOS !!

Jason MacDonald Happy 70'th Dennis Thompson. Have a good one my friend.

The Eye Happy Birthday, Dennis!

Pete Plesmid Hope it was A Fun Day Dennis =)

Mark Barrows Happy Birthday!..Machine..Gun..Thompson! Have a Great Day..And a wicked Nite!!✊👌✌!!!

David Clark Happy birthday Machine Gun from all of us here in New Zealand

Abby Ward Happiest of Dayz to you Dennis !!!!

MeMe King Happy, happy birthday, Dennis! :-)

Roberto Calabrò Happy Birthday, Machine Gun!

Nick Wieszkowiak Happy birthday dennis

Fred Tiensivu Yes happy birthday!

Pamela Sherock Happy Birthday!

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