It is now TIME TO TESTIFY. Share with your friends and family what we know concerning all the hate speech and misinformation pushed at us from the mainstream media. They are doing their level best to keep Americans plodding along with the status quo.

There are all kinds of movements to change the American Government, eliminate Monsanto, Big Pharma, and provide a much better life for our children and grandchildren in the future years.

This post, hopefully, will help enlighten you. Ultimately we all can join together and become part of a new galactic community of peace and brother (sister) hood.

My research is neither RED nor BLUE. To me, this really is about finding alternative knowledge and shedding light on the propaganda Americans have endured for eternity. As well as using the new technology available now but withheld for nefarious purposes. For example, we have had the ability to provide free energy for everyone, yet it has been blocked by those in control of the petrodollar.

Back in 1968 many of us were in the vanguard of the revolution against the war in Vietnam. We had to develop new techniques for alternative information gathering and dissemination. Underground newspapers, protest songs, and pirate radio stations were our main source for truth and information.

Eventually, we succeeded in stopping that insane war.  50 YEARS later we still have endless wars foisted upon us. But on the plus side, we have Social Networking, Forums, and YouTube to find the information the main media denies us.

So..let's get on with it..

So I am going to drop some tidbits of what I have been researching these past few years. If you're curious (as we were), start with these sites on Youtube.

These videos are a must watch:

Dr. Steven Greer—Go for the two-hour videos and we suggest you watch it entirely

Dr. Judy Wood—9/11

Paul Hellyer-Ex-Defense Secretary of Canada

David Wilcock, Corey Good, Emery Smith, Linda Moulton Howe.

Unacknowledged—A movie now available on Netflix

This is just the beginning, stay tuned. -MGT

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