Sirius Trixon and the Motor City Bad Boys were billed as “legendary,” and one has to admit that anyone who can come up with a name like that deserves some sort of place in rock‐and‐roll annals. NY Times read more

Band Line Up (during MGT's time)
Legendary Sirius Trixon/Singer Promoter/Public Relations Extraordinaire
Glenn Dean Lead Guitar
Phil Carlisi Rhythm Guitar 
Rikki St James (rip) Bass
Dennis Thompson Drums
Jim Jam Cigarettes, mirror shades, black leather motorcycle jacket 

Joey Ramone Ron Asheton Trixon and Fred Sonic Smith

“Bad Boys Gang” / “Out On The Streets” (Caravan) 1970's
“Shirley Tell Us The News” / “Big Time Bum” (Caravan) 1970’s
“Hollywood Queen” / “Teenage Hangout” (Caravan) 1970’s
“Johnny B. Bad” / “Stop In The Name Of The Law” (Caravan) 1970's
“Loud ‘N’ Clear” / “Innocent Curls” (Caravan) 1970’s

Glenn Dean Dennis Thompson and Rikki St James

Infamous Pink Cadillac Drum Riser

07/01/77 Max’s Kansas City, New York
08/01/77 Max’s Kansas City, New York
08/07/77 Copperfields, New York
09/07/77 Copperfields, New York
05/08/77 Max’s Kansas City, New York
12/08/77 Great Gildersleeves, New York
13/08/77 Great Gildersleeves, New York
14/08/77 Great Gildersleeves, New York
09/09/77 Great Gildersleeves, New York
10/09/77 Great Gildersleeves, New York
11/09/77 Great Gildersleeves, New York
01/11/77 CBGB’s, New York
02/11/77 CBGB’s, New York
28/11/77 Second Chance, Ann Arbor
26/05/78 Great Gildersleeves, New York
27/05/78 Great Gildersleeves, New York
02/06/78 Max’s Kansas City, New York
03/06/78 Max’s Kansas City, New York

All Photos from Dennis Thompson Private Collection
Some Photos are courtesy S. Rynski Photography

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