Uncle Russ was a man of many talents. A school teacher, a disc jockey, and most important of all, a gutsy entrepreneur.

He had the spit to deal with the police, the fire department, the landlord, the police, but most of all, the MC5.

No Uncle Russ no Grande Ballroom.

His most invaluable pioneering work in the Detroit Rock and Roll scene established Detroit as a rock and roll Mecca. He dutifully helped catapult many rock and roll careers. Especially mine.

 Will forever remember him as a wonderful man to work with, but most of all a great friend and confidante. He was a rock and roll father figure who earned the respect and the gratitude of every band he ever worked with.

That list is a mile long.

He will forever have a place in my heart. 
Thank you, Uncle Russ...

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