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The Rock & Roll Dictionary states that a “machinegun” is a drummer from Detroit, Michigan who employs a battering style of rapid, hard strike drumming whom is also a founding member of the legendary MC5 Jarrod Dicker Raised in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Dennis is best known as a founding member of The MC5 (Motor City 5). Other bands Dennis has been a member of: Ascension, New Order, Motorcity Bad Boys, The Secrets, and Phantom Patriots


Anonymous said...

My brother brought High Time home from college in 77. I was working as an apprentice in the Steelworks and hating every minute of it. Music was my way of dealing with the drudge and the MC5 were a major part of it. I finally got to see MC5/SunRa in London (2005ish) and loved every moment. I'm still hooked at 56 years old. That raw excitement of the records has never bettered. Thanks Dennis, Neil, unemployed and from a run down area of northern England called Middlesbrough.

ricky hagberg said...

hey Dennis this is fantastic man! just saw True Testimonial for the 2nd time this evening....first time at a bar in D.C. in 2005 i think?
been a huge fan since the mid 80s, but born in '65 so missed a lot!
did get to see, and even know Wayne a bit in L.A., when i was working for Dee Dee Ramone....missed the later reunion shows for some fucking reason...
just want to say it's great to have you on the planet still man, and can't wait to take in everything on your site....LOVE the eulogy for Fred Smith already....beautiful! share a birthday with him and feel blessed. Keep up the good work, and the love for the MC5....the world ain't quite over just yet!!

Love & Respect,

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