We met Patrick Mc Laughlin on the Stooges Forum and he was kind enough to do some really great art for our logo design contest. After the contest he sent in these really marvelous images that we are sharing with our readers.

Patrick Mc Laughlin wrote:
The various designs I provided for Dennis and the Machine Gun Thompson blog have all been designed with the same characteristics. These were key ideas I had come to associate with Dennis through his work with his bands, especially the MC5, but also reading through the posts on the blog, which I enjoy greatly.

These characteristics included patriotism in the form of an eagle or bird figure, synonymous with freedom and all things American. This was something I admired alot when I first began listening to and reading about the MC5. There were also images such as machine guns; Dennis’ nickname - which, after you’ve seen Dennis Thompson play, you quickly understand! 

Also the main image I wanted to show was the drums; as Dennis is known as one of the
best Rock n Roll drummers of all time.

Being an Architecture student I use Photoshop a great deal. I have become adept at it now and find it a great tool to design, not only my presentation pages for Architecture, but also to design these images for Dennis.

First started listening to the MC5 after seeing the band mentioned so much on the Stooges forum. This of course piqued my interest. Little did I know there was, not only a music scene, but the Detroit/Motor City sound!

This interest in all things Detroit has also recently lead to an interest in Motown and the other music that inspired the MC5, Stooges and many other bands. These bands have lead me into many musical avenues I never would have found interesting; such as the blues and punk music and for this I am grateful to the MC5: Dennis, Rob, Fred, Michael, and Wayne

Thank you Patrick you are a great talent and we wish you great success at the University. We know you'll be a really in demand architect when you graduate!


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